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WICHE Policy Analysis and Research Mission:

The Policy Analysis and Research unit offers a variety of policy and information resources to support better informed decision making, principally at the state level. The unit is involved in a number of research projects and collaborative initiatives that focus on college completion: adult learners; multistate data-sharing to support educational planning and workforce development; and other critical areas. WICHE staff serve as a useful resource on a number of higher education issues, including state and federal financial aid, finance, articulation and transfer, the Common Core State Standards, and various college completion initiatives. Its publication series, including Policy Insights and Western Policy Exchanges, explore a wide range of significant policy issues. The unit also undertakes major, long-term grant-funded projects, collaborates with other regional and national organizations, and provides short-term technical assistance to members.


Peace Bransberger

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Senior Research Analyst
Project Contact for: Benchmarks, 'Knocking at the College Door' High School Graduate Projections, Regional Factbook for Higher Education in the West, Tuition & Fees in Public Higher Education

Laura Ewing

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Administrative Manager

Colleen Falkenstern

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Research Coordinator

Patrick Lane

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Director of Data Initiatives
Project Contact for: Multistate Longitudinal Data Exchange

Demarée Michelau

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Vice President of the Office of Policy Analysis and Research
Project Contact for: Adult College Completion Network, Best Practices in Statewide Transfer and Articulation, Legislative Advisory Committee, Policy Publications Clearinghouse, Postsecondary Transition Issues Across State Lines, State Higher Education Policy Database (SHEPD)

Sarah Ohle Leibrandt

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Research Analyst
Project Contact for: Multistate Longitudinal Data Exchange, Multistate Longitudinal Data Exchange

Christina Sedney

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Policy Analyst
Project Contact for: Adult College Completion Network, Non-traditional No More