WICHE Publications By Year


  • Best Practice Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity in Online Education, Version 2.0

    This list of best practice strategies is based on “Institutional Policies/Practices and Course Design Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity in Online Education,” produced by WCET in February 2009 and updated in April 2009. In May 2009, the Instructional Technology Council (ITC) surveyed its membership to invite feedback and additional strategies to enhance the WCET work. This June 2009 document reflects the combined contributions of WCET, the UT TeleCampus of the University of Texas System, and ITC.

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  • Distance Learning in Depression for Rural Primary Care and Mental Health Providers

    Working Paper

    The purpose of this project was to develop effective distance learning methods to train rural PCPs in integrated care models for depression using computer based training (“E-Learning”) and materials adapted from the MacArthur Initiative on Depression & Primary Care. Rural was generally defined as a county with a population less than 50,000 people.

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  • An Evaluation of Colorado’s College Opportunity Fund and Related Policies

    Colorado is the only state in the nation that distributes taxpayer dollars to its public higher education institutions principally (though not exclusively) through a voucher program, known as the College Opportunity Fund (COF). WICHE’s Policy Analysis and Research unit was commissioned by the Colorado Department of Higher Education to conduct an evaluation of the COF and related policies, which was required by its enacting legislation.

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  • How to Create a First-Aid Program for the Mind

    This article, published in the Chronicle for Higher Education, discusses colleges' need for a new approach to serving students with mental-health problems, whose numbers are likely to rise as a result of the economic crisis.

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  • Protecting Our Priorities


    “Protecting Our Priorities,” WICHE’s fiscal 2010 workplan, focuses on how we can ensure that all our students not only have access to higher education but are well-equipped to succeed at college and able to pay for it.

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  • The Association Between Rural Residence and the Use, Type, and Quality of Depression Care


    This brief assesses the association between rurality and the use, type (pharmacotherapy versus psychotherapy), and quality of care among individuals in the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey with self-reported depression.

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  • Unleashing Waves of Innovation: Transformative Broadband for America’s Future

    A white paper prepared by a national collaboration of higher education organizations, including WICHE, describing the need for a national broadband strategy that begins with America’s colleges, universities, schools, libraries and hospitals.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act includes $7.2 Billion to extend broadband network connectivity to unserved and underserved communities to be distributed by the Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture.  The contributing authors/organizations propose a national broadband strategy and rationale that build on higher education’s success and experience with advanced networks and, in particular, their efforts to ensure that high quality educational programs reach the broadest audiences.

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  • Fostering Collaborative State-Level Education and Workforce Database Development

  • Best Practices in Statewide Articulation and Transfer Systems: Research Literature Overview


    This literature review is intended to serve as an overview of the studies that are relevant to our research project, which has been supported by Lumina with the purpose of identifying and promulgating best practices in statewide transfer and articulation systems in public higher education

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  • Managing Online Education Report


    The Campus Computing Project and WCET joined together to develop and conduct the first “Managing Online Education” survey in the Summer of 2009. Survey results were first presented at the WCET Annual Conference on October 22, 2009. Link to materials and presentations of the survey results.

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  • Master Property Program 2009 Renewal


    WICHE partners with the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) to be the premier property insurance program for MHEC and WICHE institutions and to maintain a leadership position in underwriting, loss control, coverage, and costs.

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  • Student Exchange Programs Statistical Report, Academic Year 2008-09

    An annual accounting of enrollment in and financing of WICHE’s student exchanges at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels for academic year 2008-09.

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  • The Association Between Rural Residence and the Use, Type, and Quality of Depression Care


    This paper assesses the association between rural residence and the use, type, and quality of depression care

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  • WICHE ICE Operations Manual


    The goal of WICHE ICE is to benefit students through increased access to courses and programs in a variety of disciplines while they continue their interactions with the faculty and advisors of their home institution without interruption. The majority of this operations manual focuses on the exchange of individual courses, and this is also the mechanism by which the sharing of programs among institutions will be conducted. The appendices provide sample documents for WICHE ICE, such as the memorandum of agreement between WICHE ICE and institutions, procedures for joining WICHE ICE, a detailed course record form, and more information regarding student agreements and student services. They also include a growing repository of resources for those engaged in course or program exchanges.

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