WICHE Publications By Year


  • Benchmarks: WICHE Region 2016

    Benchmarks: WICHE Region 2016 presents information on the West’s progress in improving access to, success in, and financing of higher education. The information is updated annually with the most recent data available, to monitor change over time and encourage its use as a tool for informed discussion in policy and education communities.

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  • December 2016 NewsCap

    2016 WICHE NewsCap Cover
    • 9th edition of Knocking at the College Door: Projections of High School Graduates released on December 6
    • WICHE Commission elects new officers
    • Record Western Undergraduate Exchange enrollments reported
    • New tuition and fees and 2016 legislative actions reports available
    • WCET webcast explores 2016 election results
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  • A Tale of Two Economies: 2016 Higher Education Legislative Activity in the West

    2016 Policy Insights Cover

    In 2016, there was an increasingly dramatic divergence between state economies in the West. Most states in the region benefited from an ongoing economic recovery, but states reliant on the energy sector for tax revenues were hit hard by the global decline in oil prices. This resulted in varying budget situations in legislatures across the West – outlined in this Policy Insights – with certain states dealing with significant cuts to higher education while others were in a position to make a wealth of new investments. Despite the region’s varied economic outlook, common themes did emerge. These included a focus on affordability and accelerated learning options, continued support of military-connected students, investing in evidence-based student success initiatives, and proposed solutions for addressing teacher shortages. The brief concludes with a section on issues to watch in the region, ranging from data privacy to guns on campus.

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  • Tuition and Fees in Public Higher Education in the West, 2016-17: Detailed Tuition and Fees Tables

    2015-2017 Tuition and Fees in the West Publication Cover

    This report is the latest update of WICHE's annual report on tuition and mandatory fees at public institutions in the West, including a state-by-state and institution-by-institution historical review of tuition changes from year to year, as well as those from one, five, and ten years ago. This report presents published tuition and fees amounts as averages both unweighted and weighted by full-time equivalent enrollments. Unlike unweighted averages, which treat each institution equally no matter how big or small it is, enrollment-weighted averages provide a truer estimate of the published price a typical student faces based on enrollment patterns. Appendix E provides more information regarding enrollment weighting. In addition to the full report, all tuition and fee data tables are available to download in Excel format below.

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  • WICHE 2016 Annual Report

    WICHE 2016 Annual Report cover

    A Message from WICHE Chair Jeanne Kohl-Welles

    Fiscal year 2016 caps a period of significant accomplishments and notable transitions for WICHE.

    Fiscal year 2016 caps a period of significant accomplishments and notable transitions for WICHE. As chair of the organization’s 48-member Commission, I am pleased to report that WICHE is well positioned this year to build on its past successes in pursuit of new avenues of collaboration and support as members continue to foster strong partnerships among our states and institutions.

    In 2016, we celebrated 17 years of accomplished and dedicated leadership by David Longanecker as WICHE’s president. During his tenure, which came to an end in early June, Dave consistently elevated the reputation and effectiveness of our regional compact both in the West and nationally.

    When it came time to select a new leader, we had a strong response from a number of highly qualified applicants. Following an extensive selection process led by WICHE Chair Mike Rush, my Commission colleagues and I were delighted to appoint Joseph A. Garcia as WICHE’s seventh president. Joe’s intellect, professional experience, and higher education and legal credentials are impressive. Likewise, his steadfast dedication to broadening educational accessibility is inspiring. Throughout his career, Joe has demonstrated an enduring commitment to growing enrollments and to building stronger linkages for higher education with legislative and executive branch leaders. Civic leaders and minority advocacy groups alike have lauded his efforts to improve the success rates of low-income, minority, and nontraditional students and to bring greater racial and ethnic diversity to the ranks of faculty and staff.

    Joe graduated from Harvard Law School in 1983 before working as the first Hispanic partner at the firm Holme Roberts & Owen in Denver. Joe then served as president of Pikes Peak Community College and Colorado State University-Pueblo until he was elected lieutenant governor of Colorado in 2010. Following his election, the legislature confirmed Joe as the executive director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

    As a Westerner with deep roots in New Mexico, Colorado, and Alaska, Joe possesses a strong understanding of the challenges facing our region and our states. This includes the knowledge that by better serving the needs of the growing numbers of minority, adult, and academically underprepared students, we in turn diversify the workforce and strengthen the economic health of the West. To accomplish this, institutions of higher education must foster inclusive and safe campuses, focus on affordability, and help and streamline transitions from secondary to postsecondary education.

    There is much we can learn by facilitating shared solutions among members and that, of course, is the purpose and essence of WICHE. With Joe in the lead directing the efforts of his talented staff and with the support of those education, government, and nonprofit sector leaders who serve on the Commission, WICHE is more than up to the task. I look forward to what we will accomplish in the upcoming year.

    Jeanne Kohl-Welles
    Chair Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

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  • WICHE Commission Meeting Agenda Book, Nov 10, 2016

  • Translating Research into Policy to Increase Equity in Higher Education: Lessons Learned from the ASHE-WICHE Collaborative

    Policy Insights October 2016 cover

    Challenges to closing the gap between findings from academic research and effective policymaking are not new, and they will not be solved overnight. However, as the entire education sector faces mounting pressure to provide high-quality education under tightening fiscal constraints, all while demonstrating improving student outcomes, the time may finally be right for a renewed spirit of collaboration between higher education researchers and policymakers. This Policy Insights is just one component of a partnership between the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) and the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) focused on how to better connect rigorous higher education October research and appropriate state-level policy. This brief examines why research is not currently 2016 more influential in policymaking; how those in the academy can develop a cross-sector, statelevel research agenda that is more likely to affect policy change; what policy areas are wellsuited for collaboration between policymakers and researchers to increase equity and inclusion within postsecondary education; and what action steps can be taken by those in academe and the policy arena to improve the links between educational research and policy.

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  • Six Decades of Partnering in the West

    WICHE, Six Decades of Partnering in the West cover graphic

    The Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) is a 16-member commission working to boost access to higher education for students in the West and, as importantly, to ensure their success. By promoting innovation, cooperation, resource sharing, and sound public policy among its members and their institutions, WICHE strengthens higher education’s contributions to the region’s social, economic, and civic life. Our staff is working to find answers to some of the most critical questions facing higher education today. WICHE is the only organization in the West that focuses exclusively on higher education issues, from finance, innovation, workforce issues, and accountability to access and success.

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  • August 2016 WICHE NewsCap

    August 2016 Newscap Cover
    • WICHE President Joe Garcia begins his outreach to Western states.
    • Eleven institutions in Hawai‘i, Utah, and Wyoming to begin awarding Interstate Passport this fall.
    • Matt Freeman, Jim Hansen reappointed to WICHE Commission, and WCET Executive Council welcomes two new members.
    • Aspiring chief academic officers from WICHE states begin yearlong professional development program.
    • Registration now open for Interstate Passport webinars, WCET Annual Meeting, and workshop for state authorization compliance managers.
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  • WCET Distance Education Enrollment Report 2016

  • June 2016 WICHE NewsCap

    Cover thumbnail of WICHE NewsCap Publication, June 2016
    • Joe Garcia assumes presidency of WICHE.
    • WICHE region’s Pacific Islands membership now includes Guam.
    • The latest data on college tuition and fees in Western states.
    • 31 new high-quality graduate programs available through WRGP.
    • Key elements of Interstate Passport Framework now in place.
    • New from WCET: distance education enrollment, open educational resources, academic integrity.
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  • What are Connected Credentials?

  • WICHE Workplan FY 2017

    WICHE Workplan 2017 Cover Thumbnail

    WICHE and its 16 member states and territories work collaboratively to expand educational access and excellence for their citizens. By promoting innovation, cooperation, resource sharing, and sound public policy, WICHE strengthens higher education’s contributions to our social, economic, and civic life.

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  • Tuition & Fees in the West 2015-16

    Tuition & Fees in the West 2015-16 cover graphic

    WICHE's Policy Analysis and Research unit has released a new Policy Insights summarizing our most recent survey of published tuition and fees prices in all public institutions in the West in 2015-16, state budget levels, higher education appropriations, state financial aid programs, college affordability and related college finance topics and news.

    The detailed tuition and fee rate data that are summarized in this Policy Insights brief are available here on the WICHE web site: http://wiche.edu/pub/tf, in PDF and Excel file form.

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  • WICHE Commission Meeting Agenda Book, May 16 - 17, 2016

    WICHE Commission Meeting Agenda Book Cover

    Plenary Sessions (Presentations)

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