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    With significant, industrywide advancements in health information technology (IT), institutions of higher education in the West will be called upon to provide a new generation of health IT graduates. New academic programs must be developed, existing programs will need to be retooled, and student recruitment strategies will be required to meet the health IT workforce demands of the future.

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    A short, compelling, informational video for students about the State Scholars Initiative. Streaming online viewing options, DVD, or Podcast download.

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    SSI PosterSSI PosterSSI PosterSSI Poster

    5 full size posters, 12in x 18in
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    This year-in-review publication highlights some of SSI’s key achievements in 2005-06, including: SSI’s growth into new States; success in spreading the message about the importance of a rigorous curriculum; and the impact of SSI efforts on individual students and State policies.

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    State and federal policy need to provide greater incentives, both to students and to the institutions that serve them, to enhance the likelihood of student success. In this paper Art Hauptman adds substantially to the body of work that has been supported by Lumina Foundation for Education in WICHE’s Changing Direction project, which has focused on how states can intentionally change finance policies– appropriations, tuition, and financial aid– to expand access to success, particularly for the most at-risk young adults.

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    Too often, when one state engages in successful “outside-the-box” policymaking, other states simply adopt that solution wholesale – as if it were a one-size-fits-all “policy-in-a-box.” This publication describes a number of policy strategies – both inside-the-box and outside-the-box – and discusses how they address various possible policy purposes. Thinking Outside the Box provides a systematic discussion of policy alignment around readiness, access, and success and examines them in the light of four policy tools: finance, regulation, accountability, and governance. This latest publication is supported by Lumina Foundation for Education in WICHE’s Changing Direction project.

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  • Many people ask why physics is part of the State Scholars Core Course of Study: is it really that important to postgraduate success in college, work, and life? The answer is yes, according to researchers, employers, and high school graduates.

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  • May 21-22, 2007
    Whitefish, Montana
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  • November 5-6, 2007
    Denver, Colorado
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