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  • From 2008 to 2011, WICHE worked with six states (Arkansas, Colorado, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, and South Dakota) to improve policies and practices to increase adult degree completion as a way to raise overall state educational attainment levels. With funding from Lumina Foundation, the project, known as Nontraditional No More: Policy Solutions for Adult Learners, identified and eliminated barriers that keep adults with prior college credit from returning to postsecondary education and completing their degrees. By bringing together state and institutional leaders, the project pursued two main objectives: identifying “ready adults,” or those who earned a significant number of prior college credits before leaving postsecondary education without earning a credential; and building a pathway to postsecondary success.

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  • While tax revenues in many Western states have improved since FY 2011, the 2012 legislative sessions still experienced what has become the familiar round of funding cuts to higher education, coupled with tuition increases for students. The good news is that the cuts and increases weren’t as severe as in previous years, despite continued aversion to spending by most state legislatures. The bad news is that the loss of stimulus funds and the rising cost of health care, K-12 education, and other public services mean that states still face a tremendous amount of economic pressure. This Policy Insights brief summarizes key themes from the 2012 legislative sessions and highlights some emerging issues to watch in the West.

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  • This publication is the first of a series focusing on promising new ideas and innovative practices developed through the Adult College Completion Network. The brief addresses five topics of importance to those working to improve adult college completion.

    • Data availability particular to the returning adult population

    • Partnerships between employers and higher education institutions

    • Communications and marketing campaigns to reach and reengage adults with prior college credit

    • Transfer credits

    • Prior learning assessment


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  • Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) Administrative Manual cover graphic

    This administrative manual details the operation of WICHE's Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP). It outlines the responsibilities and procedures for WICHE, State Certifying Officers, participating programs, and PSEP students

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  • WICHE's Policy Analysis and Research unit has released a new Policy Insight covering our most recent survey of published tuition and fees prices in all public institutions in the West in 2011-12. The report summarizes those findings and also addresses related state finance policies including state budget levels and higher education appropriations and state financial aid programs.


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  • The question of whether undocumented students have a right to broad access to higher education is a debate that cuts across party lines and political ideologies, sometimes in unpredictable, rhetorically charged ways. “Undocumented Students in the West,” a new Policy Insights brief from the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, examines changing student demographics in the states and how the undocumented population may impact higher education in the years to come. In addition to detailing the characteristics of the undocumented population, the brief provides an overview of the state policy landscape surrounding the issue, including a summary of legislation affecting undocumented students in Western states. The brief further outlines some of the possible implications of either extending or restricting higher education benefits to undocumented students.

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  • May 21-22, 2012
    Fort Collins, Colorado

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  • ntnmConciergeBrief.png

    A ready adult (or reentry) concierge is a single-point of contact at a college or university who helps returning adult students navigate the application, enrollment, and registration processes and overcome barriers to college success. To better understand the barriers faced by students in the reenrollment process and how the Concierge Model can help potential students reengage and earn a degree, WICHE recently collaborated with the Nevada System of Higher Education to convene a meeting of staff from each of the seven public institutions who serve as the campus concierge. This brief highlights effective strategies of ready adult concierges and provides a framework for those interested in implementing this model.

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  • higherEdWebPortals.png

    Students need access to web-based resources where they can easily learn about the transfer options available to them—so they can save time and money as they strive to meet their educational goals. This study, conducted by WCET, is one component of the “Best Practices in Statewide Articulation and Transfer Systems” project, funded by Lumina Foundation for Education, and conducted by Hezel Associates and WICHE. This brief will help inform a companion project on college access portals being conducted by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and also funded by Lumina Foundation for Education. Together, the findings from both the WICHE and SREB research will help lay the groundwork for important discussions about the policy landscape around web portals, including their effectiveness and what the future may hold.

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