Interstate Passport Network Membership

Applying for Interstate Passport Status

Once institutions have taken the steps to define their Passport Block, they can apply for Passport status leading to membership in the Interstate Passport Network. The application requires that institutions agree to all of the terms of the Memorandum of Agreement, which has a five-year renewable term for institutions in good standing. The MOA requires the institution, through its faculty, to review the PLOs and define their institution’s Passport Block; and through its registrar to award the Passport to students that achieve it, notate student achievement of the Passport on the student record, recognize incoming Passport students as having met their lower-division general education requirements, and participate in the tracking process.

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Interstate Passport Memorandum of Agreement

Amendment to the National Student Clearinghouse's Core Services Agreement

See Faculty Handbook: Constructing Your Institution's Passport Block (March 2017 edition) for information and instructions on constructing your Passport Block.

See Handbook for Registrars/Institutional Researchers for information about recording the Passport on student records and tracking Passport student academic progress.

Benefits of Interstate Passport Network Membership

Membership provides numerous benefits to participating institutions, including:

  • Authority to issue a Passport to recognize student achievement and to use as a recruiting tool
  • Opportunity to further shape the program through representation on the Passport Review Board, the Network’s policy-making body, and participation in its interstate committees
  • Annual Report on the overall performance of the Interstate Passport Network that includes data on the number of Passports issued by each participating institution as well as analysis of data on the academic progress of Passport transfer students across the Network
  • For use in continuous improvement processes, annual institution-specific report of data on the academic progress of former students for two terms after transfer to Passport receiving institutions, with a comparison to the performance of non-Passport transfer students and native students.  

Fee Schedule

***Limited Time Promotion***

  • Founding Members: The 16 Phase I Signatory institutions are eligible to receive a 10-year free membership.
  • Charter Members: Five-year free memberships are available to the first 100 institutions. For the first year (through June 30, 2017), up to 25 of these charter membership "slots" will be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis for institutions from the seven development states (California, Hawaii, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming). They will have first choice in becoming a Charter Member. As a condition, any institution receiving this offer must identify its Passport Block and become a fully functioning network participant within six calendar months.

The fee will be calculated for each five-year membership term based on the number of full-time equivalent students at the respective institution according to IPEDS data for the last reported academic year.  Once the Limited Time Promotion ends (see below), pricing will be set on a sliding scale, with three tiers.

  • 0 - 2,499 students:                  $2,500/year                      
  • 2,500 - 9,999 students:           $5,000/year                 
  • 10,000+ students:                   $7,500/year        

Discounts and Payment Options

  • Institutions paying for the full five-year term at once receive a 10 percent discount on the total cost.
  • System-wide contracts receive a 10 percent discount on the total cost for all institutions in the system. If the system joins and pays for the full five-year term, then it will receive a 20 percent discount on the total full cost for all institutions in the system.

Interstate Passport Network Members