Western States Decision Support Group (WSDSG)

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WSDSG enables interstate collaboration for improving data infrastructure and performance measurement in public mental health systems, focusing on developing performance indicators for public behavioral health to support quality improvement, policy formation, and administration.

The WSDSG is a regional user group for the federally funded Mental Health Statistics Improvement Program (MHSIP) and is supported by staff from the WICHE Mental Health Program. The WSDSG is comprised of two consumers, state representatives from 15 western states, and a staff person. It works on inter-state research projects and meets three times annually.



January 2012- Portland, OR

June 2011- Denver, CO

March 2006 - Burbank, CA

July 2006 - Rapid City, SD

December 2006 - Las Vegas, NV

November 2005 - Santa Fe, NM

August 2005 - Olympia, WA

April 2005 - Phoenix, AZ

January 2005 - San Francisco, CA

August 2004 - Boise, ID

May 2004 - Portland, OR

January 2004 - Salt Lake City, UT

August 2003  - Santa Fe, NM (35KB)

January 2003 - San Francisco, CA

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Find information on state surveys, reports, data analysis, etc.


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